We have made great progress with the solar car during the fall. The mechanics and aerodynamics team have been working really hard on the car's chassis. To develop the concept of the car so the construction can begin as fast as possible, but still in a thoroughly way to make sure that the vehicle will take us across the finishing line in Adelaide. We have also teamed up with a local profession school to weld the body of the car, which now is in progress. With the concept of the car ready the electro subgroup could start calculate the power needed to get the car running and compere it with the amount our solar panels can absorb. 

After a inspiring visit to Jönköping solar team we have reevaluated how we are going to develop some parts of the car, for example the programming team has re-planned what information about the car the driver is supposed to see and are now working on these changes. The visit also reminded us of that the competition is getting closer and closer. As a result of that, the logistics subgroup started working on a cooperation with the other Swedish solar teams to get the car shipped to Australia since we all participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. 

The new year started with a two day project management workshop led by Mats Nyman from our gold sponsor Wenell, to which we are very thankful. We are now confident that we have what it takes to participate in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and really looking forward to show you what we are working on and show the progress of the cars construction. Lets go to Australia!