As the production continues

As spring arrives to Gothenburg our solar car is starting to take form. Many parts and the body itself is under construction. Here comes a small summary of what we have been doing during the past two weeks. 

The mechanics and aerodynamics group are making great progress. Since the electro and the programming groups can not work until the body of the car is nearly finished, they are lending a helping hand to mechanics and aerodynamics group, so we can pass our deadlines in time. As soon as the body is ready, the electrical circuits and solarpanels can be placed in the car.

To get the production of the body going, a group of six people are now trained to be working with carbon fiber. They are now working hard on molding the body of the car. This needs to be done carefully since these materials can become toxic for the human body if not handled with proper care. 

We can proudly say that our frame for the car now is finished.  As you can see on the picture, there was only happy faces as we went to look at the frame in its glory at LTG (Lindholmens tekniska gymnasium).