Progress is going as planned!

We have passed the starting line of the construction of the car a long time ago now.  , we started with the frame of the car. Since some parts of the car have arrived, it is easier to visualize the car even without the body of the car. The electro group has made progress with the schematics. The programming group is working hard on a can-buss and interface. Soon we will also pass some milestones but let us first elaborate on what we have accomplished so far. 

At the beginning of the year we started with the welding the frame of the car, which with the help from Lindholmens Tekniska Gymnasium (LTG) is almost finished. A huge thanks to the students Rikard, Nils and Johan for their participation. The collaboration with LTG made it possible for us to get the frame finished on time.  The students are qualified welders and with their great expertise, the frame is going to be as stable as possible! 

A few important parts for the car have arrived. The seat is now complete with a seat belt and a helmet for the drivers maximum safety. We now have brakes, a gas pedal and the steering wheel is under construction. Another part of significance is the wheel suspension. The wheel suspension has passed all necessary tests and the construction of it has started. You can see the wheel suspensions progress in the picture below. 


The electro group and programming group has also continued their work. According to Bridgestone World Solar Challenge rule set we need to document every part of the car which includes the electrical parts and the circuits. As the electrical circuits are planned and the battery box is on its way, they now have a lot of documentation to do. After a certified engineer has approved the documents, it needs to be send in for inspection so that Bridgestone World Solar Challenge knows that the car is safe to drive. Parallel with the electro group the programmers have started to develop a CAN-BUSS. They have also worked hard on the interface of the display. The display is going to be placed close to the steering wheel, so the driver can see for example, the speed of the car. Their work continues with more documentation and development. 

With the frame almost finished, the parts coming in, a finished interface and the documentation going smoothly, we are right were we want to be. Although we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Milestones and deadlines are coming at us at the speed of light and we are excited to see the car.