Reveal event

As earlier mentioned, the work with the molds for the body of the car was delayed due to late delivery. Instead of taking three weeks as planned, the carbon fiber production had to be finished in a single weekend. Yes, this task sounded impossible to achieve. With the entire team working shifts from early morning to late night, we managed to complete this task! The carbon fiber body was ready just in time for the event, which was a big milestone for the team.

Even though the production of the body had been a big focus for the last couple of weeks, some other projects had to be done parallel to this. Such as the suspension and some electronics.

After two weeks of intense work, it was finally time for the event. This was the first time we displayed the solar car to the public eye.

To bring focus to the different parts of the car and the working process, we chose to have the car disassembled on the event. This was mainly to let the sponsors and visitors be able to choose freely what they wanted to see, hear and learn more about.

No one at the event could have missed the body of the car made of carbon fiber standing in the middle of the room. The body wasn't in the center of attention even though it was in the middle of the room. The most popular part of the event was the chassis, where anyone who wanted could sit in the driver’s seat and get a feel for the solar car. Anyone could also see the battery and it's layout, some tests of solar panels connected to a multimeter, the logistics plan, control system, and our telemetry solution.

We are very happy with the results and a big thanks to all sponsors and all other visitors who attended the event!

We've just passed a huge milestone, but we are not done yet. We need to install our break system and gas pedal, install all the solar panels, paint the car and of course put everything together. Now that we are so close to the end of the production process and when the flight tickets are to be booked next week,  all of us are really excited and looking forward to get to Australia and participate in The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge this fall!