Our first test ride

Summer is here, the school year is over and the team members have started their jobs. This mean that our work with the solar car mostly is concentrated to the weekends. But even though we don´t have as much time for the car as before, a lot have happened since the last post. The car is really starting to come together!

The battery pack and the motor controller is in place, and so are a lot of the mechanical parts as well. Last weekend we even got to take it for the first test ride.  At the test course we tested the speed, steering, brakes and dampers. The tests gave a very positive result and many of the rules could be checked of.

With the results from the tests we are now improving some details to make it even better, doing some last FEM analysis, perfecting the cruise control and  the preparations for shipping have started. Before we can put it in a box and ship the car across the world, we need to construct the cupola and solder the solar cells. We just got the body of the car back from the company who helped us with the paintwork, so it's now possible to start the soldering.

Only three weeks until shipping!

On the pictures below you can see the body of the car and some pictures from the test course.