About US

We are Chalmers solar team

It all started with a course in product development - now it´s a non-profit, student driven project.

One of the reasons why this project started was to encourage students to work with environmental and sustainable technology. However, this project will also provide a unique opportunity to develop real-life experiences in business and engineering. We believe this will help our members to grow as people, professionals and as engineering students.


The team consists of one team leader and five subgroups which contains a total of 20 team members. The five subgroups all have a different responsibility. 


Let us start with the engineering team. Three students who all study mechatronics. Their main tasks are: A great expertise the rules and assisting the other teams with for example documentation on this project and the construction of the car.


They are the ones who design the car and its mechanical features as the wheel suspension. The car is aerodynamical customized so that it can go as fast as possible. They also are responsible for the interior of the car.


Since the car and the driver need to be able to communicate with each other this group makes that happen. Through software the driver and the other team members will be able to see how the car is doing without having to open up the vehicle.


In the competition the car will only run on electrical power obtained from solar cells. This group make that happen. Through getting the sun power to the components of the car and the engine will make the car roll! 


With the groups above, we will have a constructed car but we also need to transport the car to Australia. The logistics group is responsible for the transportation of the car but also the transportation of the team. All from flights between Gothenburg to Australia and how we will travel within Australia. Together with documentation.


They are responsible for making the car and Chalmers Solar team seen! Through social media, this website and Chalmers they will make sure everyone knows about Chalmers Solar team.